Stéphane Bégaudeau, Software Engineer

Eclipse Plugin Developer
Eclipse Modeling Expert
Acceleo Jedi Master
Web Technologies Enthusiast
Curious About Everything

Stéphane Bégaudeau

What I know

I master all the tools of a good Eclipse tooling developer, Java, OSGI, Maven, Git, Checkstyle, you name it. I am also quite knowledgeable of web technologies.


What I am doing

I am working on a day to day basis on Eclipse tooling for Model Driven Development. I am the leader of the open source project Acceleo.


What I did

I worked on several Eclipse tooling projects like Acceleo, Obeo Traceability, Obeo Designer for Information Systems. I have also created several code generators.

Obeo Designer for Information Systems

What I will do

My future work will include new releases of Acceleo and Obeo Designer for Information Systems but I am also working on a new project named Ariadne

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